Pieces by commission……for your home or work environment.

Is there a piece that you like the style of in the SHOP HI D IMAGES or LITTLIES, but you want it to be a different colour, a different size, maybe you want it on a canvas rather than in a frame, maybe there is an image or quote that inspires you for your home or business? I can create that something for you, with you leading the way.  Please give me a call or email me to discuss this. I look forward to having a chat. I have pictured a few pieces that have been created in the past for people's homes. Price by negotiation. 

020 4068 9224  sadigrayboutique@gmail.com


{Tribute to Dr Suess 2002}  Paint on canvas. 100cm x 70cm. The shapes in this painting are derived from the iconic Dr Seuss books. This painting is housed in a lounge. 




{Blue Brown 2014}  Paint on canvas. Each canvas 30cm x 30cm. The two works are placed on the wall vertically to suite the size of the wall and space. The two canvases create a visual connection to the colours used in the kitchen and feature areas through out the house e.g. the stair well beam (pictured here) while also connecting to fabrics used in the lounge. These pieces provide a subtle visual to look upon when moving to the second floor. 


{Weave}  2014 Calico material and an old skirt fabric woven over a canvas. 27cm x 19cm. This image is housed in a lounge and hangs with another piece in similar colourings.