[T Pea Xmas Tree 2016] you could use wooden dowel, sticks from the garden or anything like that to make a triangular three dimensional structure. Use wool, string or any other twine to tie it all together (even fine craft wire if you wanted a metalic look). Create a triangle base and work from that base connecting the three sticks or dowel. Meet them together at the top of the structure at the centre point. Adding more sticks, dowel into the middle of the tree works well too, as this gives you more to decorate. Leave it natural or possibly spray paint or colour it as you please, you could try water colours, crayons, felts etc.... Decorate with bought or hand made decorations..... any way you like. 





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[Xmas Tree 2017, this year we have used dried flax flowers from the garden. Last years home made decorations and pre-loved frames decorate our Xmas tree. With some of these frames framing our littlies art work that has been worked on throughout the year. 



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[Xmas Flowers] 2016 You could buy roses from the local if you don't have them in your garden and make the arrangement your own by using twigs, flax and the flowers, any greenery you may have in your outdoor environment............ feathers look fab too (painting the feathers is a great option), drift wood adds another lovely addition. Paper, coloured, natural, what ever you choose, this adds a nice addition to the flowers and greenery. You could personalise it further by flicking the paper with paint (or mark make with any other medium you may have around). You could use some of your little ones art work that has been collected over the year. Littlies have such a free way with the way they mark make.  


[Xmas wreath] 2016 the base of this wreath is an cane old table mat with the centre part cut out.  Hyndra flowers are used on this wreath as they dry well. Flax and flax flowers are also used to weave through the cane circular shape. 


[Xmas wreaths] 2016 using roses is a great option as they dry well. sticks, feathers, flax, drift wood......... many possibilities............... painting the feathers in your chosen colour looks beautiful too. 


Hair as my canvas 2013 - …….




2016 Keep your arms and hands warm and fingers free to do........ chop the top off a pair of stockings and there you have your sleeves. Any colour, pattern or texture could be used. Even socks could be a warmer option too. Simply cut the toes and probably the heal off too. You could cut your socks or stockings to any length you choose and possibly wear them as leg warmers too...